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Using Technology in the String Class

There are many valuable uses of audio/visual and computer technology in the string class. This tutorial will cover some of the ways teachers may be able to use technology to enhance the quality of instruction.*

Using CD, synthesizer or software accompaniment

Providing students with a rhythmic and harmonic framework, accompaniments on tape, CD, synthesizer or software give the teacher an advantage over accompanying on piano. The teacher is free to monitor, move about the classroom, and dedicate 100% of their concentration to analysis of their students' performance. Private studio teachers can also benefit from using this technology.

Of course, students also need the opportunity to practice and perform with a piano accompanist - but for those teachers and students who may not always have a pianist (or piano) readily available, these technologies are a tremendous asset - especially for the beginning level student who needs to develop rhythmic stability and intonation security.


*If you have questions about any of the products I describe in this section, please direct them to the manufacturer/ developer of the product. There are many excellent resources for further information on the Internet. A quick Google, Yahoo, or Clusty keyword search will provide you with an abundance of external links.



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